Ballyclare A 6 – 4 Craigavon B

Tonight we saw Ballyclare A take on Craigavon B at home in Division 3 of the Belfast and District Table Tennis League. The match ended with a score line of Ballyclare A (6) and Craigavon B (4). The format for the match was a 4 Vs 3 player format.

Wilbert Armstrong reporting on the match said “Congratulations to both teams on a very tight competitive match. The stars of the night for Ballyclare were Andrew and Jessica, both winning all their singles. Jessica in particular had a really good 3-1 win over the big hitting Arunas and then followed that with a very tight 5 set win over Aedan. Well done to both teams and best wishes to Craigavon for the rest of the season.”

The players that were fielded for the Home Team Ballyclare A in their playing order were:

Andrew Davies
Mike Baird
Ian Davies
Jessica Baird

For the doubles Ballyclare A decided to play Andrew & Jessica

On the Away Side Craigavon B sent a team consisting of:

Joe Colvin
Arunas Umbrasas
Aedan McGivern

For the doubles Craigavon B had Joe & Aedan joining forces to take on the hosts.


Match Break Down:


Andrew Davies VS Joe Colvin (3 – 1)

Mike Baird VS Arunas Umbrasas (2 – 3)

Ian Davies VS Aedan McGivern (2 – 3)

Jessica Baird VS Arunas Umbrasas (3 – 1)

Andrew Davies VS Aedan McGivern (3 – 0)

Mike Baird VS Joe Colvin (3 – 1)

Ian Davies VS Joe Colvin (2 – 3)

Jessica Baird VS Aedan McGivern (3 – 2)

Andrew Davies VS Arunas Umbrasas (3 – 0)


Andrew & Jessica VS Joe & Aedan | (1 – 3)

With the match card now fully completed the final score of Ballyclare A (6) and Craigavon B (4) was recorded.


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Original Match Card

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