Bangor 3 – 7 Glenburn

Belfast and District Table Tennis Division 2 – Bangor (3) – Glenburn (7).

Tonight we saw Bangor take on Glenburn at home in Division 2 of the Belfast and District Table Tennis League. The match ended with a score line of Bangor (3) and Glenburn (7). The format for the match was a 3 Vs 3 player format. Neil Magrath reporting on the match said “Glenburn entered the last match of the season with the added pressure of knowing that they needed at least a draw to land the Division 2 league title however, despite having two defenders on the team, there was never any chance of playing for a draw! Squad rotation saw the Div 2 singles champion from the previous evening, Matthew Cherry, replaced for this match by James Magrath who had finished 3rd losing to teammate Andy Loane who was runner-up. However it was Lucy Craig, who has had a great season this year, who led out the team against Mark Willis in the first match, and what a match it was to start the evening. Going 2-0 down, Lucy then found her form and won the next two sets, but was unfortunate to lose out in a very close 5th set after a marathon match, with some extra long rallies and great defensive technique on show, lasting over 30 minutes. Andy then was fast out of the blocks to get Glenburn on the board, followed up by James for Glenburn to lead 2-1. Andy and James then won a couple of tight singles matches to put Glenburn 4-1 up. Next up was Lucy and she did not disappoint with some very strong defensive play mixed in with some big hits to win her match 3-0 and give Glenburn a 5-1 lead and the Division 2 Championship. While happy with the achievement, Glenburn were in no mood to relax with James finishing off his singles with a hard fought win over Mark Willis 11-9 in the 5th, to maintain his unbeaten record since losing in the first match of the season and ensure Glenburn finished the season with a win. Lucy then came up against a very determined David Coates who displayed some extremely hard hitting attacking play and got the 2nd point on the board for Bangor. Andy Loane then finished off the singles matches with a win over the unfortunate John Coates who suffered a net and an edge in the last two points of what was an entertaining match. On to the doubles where Lucy and James continued their defensive partnership, only this time they seemed to want to see what it would be like to attack more…it was not to be as Mark and David won three close sets to see the final score as 3-7 in favour of Glenburn. The win finished off the season in style for Glenburn to ensure the Championship victory was grabbed from the jaws of defeat at the half way stage of the season. While it was Lucy, Andy and James who did the business tonight, credit must go to all the Glenburn players who played throughout the season and contributed to the end result along with the hard work put in by various coaches both at the club training sessions and during matches – it really was a team performance led by team captain and chief coach Steve. Glenburn would like to place on record thanks to Bangor for the good spirit shown this evening, and to all other teams in the league who were a credit to the sport and played their part in an enjoyable season. Thanks also to the various organisers of B&DTT for the work they have put in during the year including this website.”.

The players that were fielded for the Home Team Bangor in their playing order were:

Mark Willis
David Coates
John Coates

For the doubles Bangor decided to play M Willis & D Coates

On the Away Side Glenburn sent a team consisting of:

Lucy Craig
Andy Loane
James Magrath

For the doubles Glenburn had Lucy Craig & James Magrath joining forces to take on the hosts.

Match Break Down:
Fixture 1: Mark Willis Vs Lucy Craig Score: 2 – 3
Fixture 2: David Coates Vs Andy Loane Score: 0 – 3
Fixture 3: John Coates Vs James Magrath Score: 0 – 3
Fixture 4: Mark Willis Vs Andy Loane Score: 0 – 3
Fixture 5: David Coates Vs James Magrath Score: 1 – 3
Fixture 6: John Coates Vs Lucy Craig Score: 0 – 3
Fixture 7Mark Willis Vs James Magrath Score: 2 – 3
Fixture 8: David Coates Vs Lucy Craig Score: 3 – 0
Fixture 9: John Coates Vs Andy Loane Score: 0 – 3
Fixture 10: M Willis & D Coates Vs Lucy Craig & James Magrath Score: 3 – 0.

With the match card now fully completed the final score of Bangor (3) and Glenburn (7) was recorded.

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Original Match Card

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