Civil Service A 3 – 7 Glenburn

Tonight we saw Civil Service A take on Glenburn at home in Division 2 of the Belfast and District Table Tennis League. The match ended with a score line of Civil Service A (3) and Glenburn (7). The format for the match was a 3 Vs 4 player format.

Neil Magrath reporting on the match said “Both Glenburn and Civil Service teams were a blend of experience and youth. Young Ben started off very fast against Andy (the old guy for Glenburn!) to take the first set, however Andy’s experience told in the end especially when winning a very tight 3rd set 16-14. On the other table the very experienced Maurice took a 2-1 lead against the youthful but experienced Erin, only for Erin to claw her way back to win the last 2 sets to give Glenburn the perfect start. Next up for Glenburn were the two young and mighty Lucys. Billy used all his guile to overcome Lucy J, while Maurice had another 5 setter only to lose to the ever improving Lucy C. Ben then started well again against Erin but once again, despite a valiant effort, he succumbed to the more experienced Erin who had to raise her game to a high level to record victory in 4 sets. On the other table Andy was having a very tight battle with Billy who just kept coming back only to lose -9, -9 and -11. This gave Glenburn a 5-1 lead with the two Lucys back on the table against Ben and Billy. This time Ben was able to hold his nerve and convert his start into a victory against Lucy J who put up a terrific fight coming back from 2-8 only to lose the first set 14-12 and again in the 3rd set losing 11-9. Lucy C’s defensive and attacking qualities were once more in evidence to record a very impressive 3-0 victory over Billy and maintain her great start to the season, and get Glenburn across the winning line. Andy then proved too powerful against Maurice before the two Lucys got some doubles practice ahead of the Ulster Open against Ben and Maurice. Despite some incredible rallys and superb shots especially from Lucy J, Ben and Maurice proved just too good to win 3-1 leaving the final match score 7-3 to Glenburn. While Captain Steve again dropped himself in favour of the slightly younger players Glenburn were able to field, he was his usual effective self in coaching and cajoling the team to victory.”

The players that were fielded for the Home Team Civil Service A in their playing order were:

Ben Watson
Maurice Rooney
Billy Gamble

For the doubles Civil Service A decided to play Ben & Maurice

On the Away Side Glenburn sent a team consisting of:

Andy Loane
Erin Thompson
Lucy Johnston
Lucy Craig

For the doubles Glenburn had Lucy J & Lucy C joining forces to take on the hosts.


Match Break Down:


Ben Watson VS Andy Loane (1 – 3)

Maurice Rooney VS Erin Thompson (2 – 3)

Billy Gamble VS Lucy Johnston (3 – 0)

Maurice Rooney VS Lucy Craig (2 – 3)

Ben Watson VS Erin Thompson (1 – 3)

Billy Gamble VS Andy Loane (0 – 3)

Billy Gamble VS Lucy Craig (0 – 3)

Ben Watson VS Lucy Johnston (3 – 0)

Maurice Rooney VS Andy Loane (0 – 3)


Ben & Maurice VS Lucy J & Lucy C | (3 – 1)

With the match card now fully completed the final score of Civil Service A (3) and Glenburn (7) was recorded.

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Original Match Card

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