Glenburn B 6 – 4 St. Annes B

Belfast and District Table Tennis Division 2 – Glenburn B (6) – St. Annes B (4).

Tonight we saw Glenburn B take on St. Annes B at home in Division 2 of the Belfast and District Table Tennis League. The match ended with a score line of Glenburn B (6) and St. Annes B (4). The format for the match was a 3 Vs 3 player format. Neil Magrath reporting on the match said “Glenburn edged an epic match 6-4 against St. Annes with 7 of the matches going to 5 sets, and the win only determined by winning deuce in the 5th in the doubles. Andy started very fast and proved too strong for Daniel while on the other table Erin came from 0-2 down to level against Mark only to lose in the 5th. Lucy then had to use all of her defensive cunning and attacking strength, coming from 1-2 down, to see off St. Annes’ player of the night, Tom, in the 5th. At the same time another 5 setter saw Andy do the same against Mark to give Glenburn a 3-1 lead. However St. Annes were determined and continually clawed back matches and, after 8 matches, the scores were level at 4-4. The match of the night saw Tom (literally) edge out Andy on the final point to win 19-17 in the 5th, having previously held his nerve to beat Erin 11-9 in the 5th as well. Lucy continued to play at a high level to overcome Daniel, but an immediate turnaround to play Mark proved a step too far as Mark edged her out in the 5th. This left Erin to pull out the stops and win the crucial 9th match against Daniel to give Glenburn a 5-4 lead going into the doubles. The crowd got their money’s worth as Tom and Daniel expertly clawed their way back from 0-2 down to 2-2 and force a decider. Erin revelled in the doubles challenge producing some great winners ably assisted by Andy who managed to serve out for the 11-9 win to the relief of the Glenburn team and supporters. Thanks to St. Annes for a competitive match and travelling up through some bad road conditions.”.

The players that were fielded for the Home Team Glenburn B in their playing order were:

Andy Loane
Erin Thompson
Lucy Craig

For the doubles Glenburn B decided to play Andy Loane & Erin Thompson

On the Away Side St. Annes B sent a team consisting of:

Daniel Irwin
Mark Irwin
Tom Irwin

For the doubles St. Annes B had Tom Irwin & Daniel Irwin joining forces to take on the hosts.

Match Break Down:
Fixture 1: Andy Loane Vs Daniel Irwin Score: 3 – 0
Fixture 2: Erin Thompson Vs Mark Irwin Score: 2 – 3
Fixture 3: Lucy Craig Vs Tom Irwin Score: 3 – 2
Fixture 4: Andy Loane Vs Mark Irwin Score: 3 – 2
Fixture 5: Erin Thompson Vs Tom Irwin Score: 2 – 3
Fixture 6: Lucy Craig Vs Daniel Irwin Score: 3 – 1
Fixture 7Andy Loane Vs Tom Irwin Score: 2 – 3
Fixture 8: Erin Thompson Vs Daniel Irwin Score: 3 – 1
Fixture 9: Lucy Craig Vs Mark Irwin Score: 2 – 3
Fixture 10: Andy Loane & Erin Thompson Vs Tom Irwin & Daniel Irwin Score: 3 – 2.

With the match card now fully completed the final score of Glenburn B (6) and St. Annes B (4) was recorded.

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Original Match Card

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