Legacurry 9 – 1 Ormeau 5B

Tonight we saw Legacurry take on Ormeau 5B at home in Division 5 of the Belfast and District Table Tennis League. The match ended with a score line of Legacurry (9) and Ormeau 5B (1). The format for the match was a 4 Vs 4 player format.

Ruth Patterson reporting on the match said “Thanks to Ormeau for another great match, great fun had by all!”

The players that were fielded for the Home Team Legacurry in their playing order were:


For the doubles Legacurry decided to play Ruth with amp; Ryan & Tom with Joe

On the Away Side Ormeau 5B sent a team consisting of:


For the doubles Ormeau 5B had Ron with amp; Lukas & Franziska with Deirdre joining forces to taken on the hosts.


Match Break Down:


Ruth VS Ron (3 – 1)

Ryan VS Lukas (3 – 0)

Tom VS Franziska (3 – 0)

Joe VS Deirdre (3 – 0)

Ruth VS Lukas (3 – 0)

Ryan VS Ron (2 – 3)

Tom VS Deirdre (3 – 0)

Joe VS Franziska (3 – 1)


Ruth & Ryan VS Ron & Lukas | (3 – 0)

Tom & Joe VS Franziska & Deirdre | (3 – 0)

With the match card now fully completed the final score of Legacurry (9) and Ormeau 5B (1) was recorded.


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Original Match Card

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